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What ya going to say?? I dont know.Ya back from school righ now.Have some time and ya want to do something.But what?Ohhh meyby ya start writing the poster?Yeap. C U LATER !


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Its Saturday. Im in house now and waiting for my chemistry lessons.Im teaching it for competition.
Hmm i have 2 hours before the meeting with teacher(not from my school) , and i have 2 hours with her.
I like chemistry.Most i like… hmm… i think its salts(i think its salt =translator ;p)

Ok i have to go.I have to do some things before lesson.BB

My blog!

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Sorry but its not working use this

Sooo whats new in the world… Nothing. People in this time dont creating anything new.
Why? Becouse its world of people who knowns as THE GREAT HUMANS!!!

Why i started in this style?? I dont know but i dont like this!!!!

Its sunday. And its 6:30 o’clock.
Im bored.And i want to write something.I like this. Hmmmmm ok im going to play is some computer games on surf on the net.

Bye bye!

Hi again!

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Yeah this week was hard and cool. But not at all :(
I like to write on blog  but i dont remember this.
Well its weekend!!!
I love this! Today i started how to earn money! You know its clicking on banner and you earn cash.EASYYYYY!!! CASSSSHHH!!!!
Well. I wasnt writing in english for a lonnnnnnnngg time.:( But i like writing.Very.
And i like computer , programing , creating game maps , add notes in forums ,and many other.
So now i ending and now i will say GOOD BYE.

Good luck

Hi everyone

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Sorry but i didnt have much time before.
I have to study and … study :(
I dont like this at all.
I speak english maybe not great but i like this language .But not only this one.I like spanish.And i studying this one but not with rating becouse in my last school wasnt been second language.
Then i dont know much much things in this. I was never study english becouse i have head for unfamiliar languages and wont be study spanish.I dont study it and i know how is „Na wakacjach byłem… , Co to jest?” and some other …
Ok now im ending here and im saying goodbye!

Hi today i was left my shirt in my school…
Hmm… but this day was funny!Not all lessons but almost all………..!
What i have to say?? I dont know but im sorry for last days becouse i wasnt write in my blog.
Now i have some free time becouse i was end my school 1 lessons hour earlier. But its juest 1 day….
Im eat my dinner now and , im going to play in some computer games and do my homework.So goodbye!

Hi today i will learn you how to … in gimp
HOW TO CREATE an electrode…
First Open Gimp


Then click on „Plik” -> „Nowy”


Size is 500/500 (Its can be difrent)


Click on „Nowa Warstwa” and „Ok”


And duplicate it.
Draw 2 electrodes and click highlight icons


Next step is


When you do this just draw some lines on new „Warstwa”
Next click „Filtry” -> „Rozmycie” -> „Rozmycie Gaussa”


Parameters is 20/20 and click ok


Do this lines with Gauss some times in new „warstwy”


Click „Filtry” -> „Animacja” -> „Playback” and watch your work!
Have a nice work and fun with that , and try do some new or in your style!

But outside the window its raining :( , dark , and i dont see the sun… :(
Today im have to go to the shop to change some of my books , but i dont want to…
Tomorrow or even today , i will write here the guide about „How to … in GIMP” And im will write more…
So now ending end im saying godbye , and have a nice day!!!

Sory for yesterday , becouse i dont write anything.


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Today i was started writing on my blog.Here will be my notes about my , my school , and my life.
What i have to write now… Hmm… I dont now but this day was funny , and… cool!
I was change my school and im going to my new school from 3 days.(First day is inauguration day)
I think this school is much much much much better than old…
And im happy!
Then bye bye now im ending my this day note and … i dont now whats will be next ;]

Good Bye